POLO-KAL NG building drainage. Piping system for drains and sewers.

Suitable for: Waste water Building drainage

The POLO-KAL NG drainage system offers a swift, cost-effective, and acoustically optimized solution for installing household drainage. Suitable for single-family homes, multi-family residences, and multi-storey commercial or industrial buildings.

  • Efficient setup facilitated by the straightforward push-fit mechanism
  • The extraction retainer is detachable for multiple uses as needed
  • Minimal tools are necessary for the task
  • Assembly temperature has no bearing on the process
  • Extensive selection of screw connections and flanges available
  • Screw connections designed to mitigate vibrations

Stay clean when it gets dirty. POLO-KAL NG piping systems for domestic drains and sewers.

The POLYMELT drainage system POLO-KAL NG is the solution for fast, economical and sound-optimised installation of domestic drainage. For single-family and multi-family homes as well as in multi-storey residential constructions for commercial or industrial use. The pipe system for waste water is easy to install and absolutely safe. Multiple layers of robust polypropylene ensure good sound insulation, low linear expansion and high ring stiffness. In addition, the POLYMELT system pipes with the proven sealing system keep the wastewater system permanently tight. So the dirty water stays where it should. The extremely impact-resistant pipes and fittings can be processed perfectly even in cold weather.

A whole system for waste water – for the whole building

The Advantages of the POLO-KAL NG piping system for drains & sewers.

  • Fast assembly thanks to the simple push-fit system
  • Only a minimum of tools required
  • Simple and fast processing
  • Safety during assembly and permanently leak-proof connection
  • Noise-insulating
  • Multilayer technology with applicationoptimized plastic compositions
  • Compatibility across all systems 
  • Environmentally friendly, as free of PVC and halogen

Technical data

MaterialPipe: PP/PP-MV/PP; Fitting: PP-MV, Free of halogen and cadmium, free of heavy metals
ColourBlue RAL 5014
Resistance to hot waterShort-term 97 °C 30 sec/day = 152 h/50 years; Long-term 95 °C 10 min/day = 3,000 h/50 years; Long-term 60 °C 5 h/day = 87,600 h/50 year
Application categoryBD (building/drainage) Approved for gravity drainage systems inside and exterior to buildings in accordance with EN 1451-1 as well as DIN 1986-100; Suitable for underground laying to the plot boundary
Pipe markingDomestic waste disposal pipes of POLO-KAL NG denomination are marked in the following way: charge number, year and week of manufacture, company name, dimension, category of application, category of rigidity, certification marking and material specification
Chemical resistancePipes and fittings made of PP – according to DIN 8078, supplement 1 Seals – according to ISO TR7620
ConnectionsPush-fit sockets with factory-inserted lip seals. Seal material = SBR (from DN/OD 200 it is NBR)
Fire behaviourAccording DIN 4102: B2, Q1, TR1; According EN 13501-1: D-s2, d1
Ring rigidityThe ring rigidity of the pipe has been proved according to EN ISO 9969. The rigidity is at least 6.0 kN/m2 over the entire range of dimensions DN/OD 32 – 160 mm. The ring rigidity of DN/OD 200 and 250 mm is at least 8.0 kN/m2
Leakproofness at low pressureShort-term to 900 mbar
E-modulus2400–3100 MPa according to ISO 178
LeakproofnessAccording to EN 1451-1, test report TGM VA KU 2164
Mean coefficient of elongation LAK0.05 mm/m K (OFI test report No. 47.423
Low-temperature impact strengthto –20 °C, safe transportation and laying, even at low temperatures (Test report TGM VA KU 25000/1)
Third-party monitoring of product qualityPOLO-KAL NG pipes and fittings are third-party monitored by authorised German and Austrian plastics testing institutes.
Drinking water suitabilityPOLO-KAL NG is not approved for the transportation of drinking water.

POLO-KAL NG building drainage. Piping system for drains and sewers.

Suitable for:
Waste water
Building drainage

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