As a contractor, you have to take care of countless individual construction sites on a project. When several projects have to be moved forward at the same time, any relief is welcome. With pipes and fittings from POLYMELT, you can focus on where the most attention is needed. Because when you choose our pipes and systems, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly. From on-time delivery and easy transport to the construction sections to fast installation.

The advantages of POLYMELT pipe systems are obvious:

  • Attractive acquisition costs.
  • Fast and punctual delivery, also directly to the construction site.
  • Easy transport on the construction site thanks to the lightweight PP-R material.
  • Fast processing thanks to the simple connection technology.
  • Safe installation so that you are spared recourse and warranty claims if the installation is correct.
  • Standard-compliant installation.

Fields of application as diverse as your tasks.

Our ECOSAN, POLYMUTAN, UV, MECHANICAL and POLO KAL-NG piping systems have been developed for a wide range of applications. From very small dimensions to really large pipe diameters. POLYMELT pipe systems are perfectly suited for:

  • Drinking water supply.
  • Local heating and cooling.
  • Refrigeration systems.
  • Heating and cooling.
  • Compressed air.
  • Vacuum.
  • Chemical transport.
  • Renewable energies.

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