UV Resistant PP-R Pipes: Built to resist Sunlight 

Suitable for: Potable water (H&C) Heating Cooling Irrigation

Audited UV-resistance: The resistance of POLYMELT UV system against UV-radiation was tested by an accredited test laboratory. In planned intervals du ring the complete process, samples were taken in order to check possible mechanical changes based on a tensile test.

The used irradiation rate is equivalent to more than 10 years in the city of Assuan, Egypt (one of the highest yearly UV-radiations worldwide).

  • UV resistant (10 years warranty)
  • Easy installation
  • No corrosion
  • Increased flow rate
  • High demands for hygiene
  • High chemical resistance

POLYMELT UV resistant piping system for outdoor applications

UV radiation can be a serious challenge to plastic piping systems, affecting their durability and lifespan. However, with Polymelt’s UV resistant PP-R plastic pipes, you can rest assured that your outdoor piping system is built to last. Our advanced and durable polypropylene (PP-R) piping solution has been rigorously tested under the toughest conditions to ensure that it is highly resistant to UV radiation.

Our UV resistant plastic pipes and fittings are designed to withstand continuous exposure to sunlight, and will not rust, calcify, corrode, or crumble over time. With decades of virtually maintenance-free use guaranteed, our UV resistant PPR pipes are a smart investment for any outdoor piping system.


  • Outer layer: PP-R UV black
  • Second layer: PP-R GF
  • Third layer: PP-R
  • Fourth layer: PP-R GF
  • Inner layer: PP-R

Linear expansion coefficient: a = 0,038 mm/m K third, party certified: OFI Institute Vienna

The POLYMELT UV product line

POLYMELT UV Multilayer PP-R Pipe SDR 7,4 / S 3,2 – with UV protection layer

Suitable for

Potable water (H&C)

PP-R plastic fibre-pipe with UV protection layer, SDR 7.4/ S 3.2 for hat and cold water acc. to DIN EN ISO 15874, EN ISO 21003, class 1/8 bar, class 2/6 bar,  70°/11 bar, 20°/25 bar, Color black. Standard delivery length: 4,0 m, other length on request.

Art. No.Outer Ø (mm)Wall thickness (mm)Inner Ø (mm)DN

Many accessories, many options.

In addition to being UV-resistant, our PP-R pipes offer other benefits as well. They are corrosion-free, increasing flow rate and providing easy installation. POLYMELT UV resistant PP-R pipes are the ideal solution for hot and cold water distribution in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, as well as for irrigation systems.

With a wide range of accessories and options available, POLYMELT UV resistant PP-R pipes are perfect for systems that are exposed to the elements. Each installation is easily and securely connected, providing years of reliable, virtually maintenance-free service.

Invest in POLYMELT UV resistant PP-R plastic pipes today for a piping system that is built to last under sunlight exposure.

UV Resistant PP-R Pipes: Built to resist Sunlight 

Suitable for:
Potable water (H&C)

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