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In industrial environments, the demands on pipe systems are particularly high, as they have to withstand a variety of challenges, be it the supply of process water, the transport of special fluids and chemicals, the supply of compressed air or wastewater disposal. At POLYMELT GmbH, we specialise in meeting precisely these requirements with our high-quality PP-R and PP-RCT platic pipes, fittings and accessories.

Process water

Our PP-R and PP-RCT pipe systems are ideal for the supply of process water in industrial plants. Their excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical influences ensures a reliable and continuous supply of water for a wide range of production processes without compromising on quality.

Speciality liquids and chemicals

For the transport of special fluids and chemicals, we offer customised solutions with our PP-R and PP-RCT plastic pipes and fittings. Thanks to their excellent resistance to aggressive media, our pipes can transport even the most demanding substances safely and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and safety in industrial processes.

Compressed air systems

Our PP-R and PP-RCT pipes are also ideal for use in compressed air systems in industrial plants. Their high compressive strength and resistance to mechanical stress make them a reliable choice for the safe and efficient supply of compressed air, ensuring the smooth operation of machinery and equipment.

Waste water and building drainage

For wastewater disposal and building drainage, we offer our tried-and-tested POLO-KAL NG wastewater system. Made from high-quality PP, it impresses with its robustness and durability even under the most demanding conditions in industrial environments, minimising operational interruptions and maximising efficiency.

POLYMELT PP-R & PP-RCT piping systems for industrial applications

Potable waterHeatingCoolingProcess waterSpecial liquidsAgricultureIrrigationBuilding drainage
Ecosan mono   
Ecosan ML   
Polymutan mono   
Polymutan ML   
Mechanical ML     
UV ML    

The advantages of PP-R and PP-RCT plastic pipes for industrial applications:

  • Excellent resistance: our pipes are resistant to corrosion, chemicals and high temperatures, which increases their reliability and longevity in industrial environments.
  • Robust construction: They are designed for use in extreme conditions and can also withstand high mechanical loads, resulting in a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.
  • Wide range of applications: Our pipes are used in a variety of industrial applications, which emphasises their versatility and flexibility and makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

At POLYMELT GmbH, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Contact us today to find out more about our PP-R and PP-RCT pipe systems for industrial applications and receive a customised solution for your individual requirements.

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