PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH offer outstanding flexibility and versatility, enabling a wide range of applications. Their lightweight nature facilitates transportation and handling, streamlining installation processes and reducing labor costs.

POLYMELT plastic pipes offer a large field of applications for residental & commercial buildings, industrie & infrastructure

HeatingCoolingProcess waterSpecial liquidsCompressed airGeothermalAgricultureIrrigationBuilding drainage
Polymutan mono   

POLYMELT PP-R and PP-RCT plastic pipes and fittings are sustainable

The PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH are environmentally friendly and recyclable, contributing to a reduced ecological footprint. They adhere to the latest sustainability standards, providing a future-proof solution for drinking water applications.

POLYMELT PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and fittings are durable

With excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical influences, PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH boast a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. This ensures reliable and long-term clean water supply across various applications.

You can rely on POLYMELT PP-R and PP-RCT plastic pipes and fittings

PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH offer dependable performance under diverse operating conditions, including temperature fluctuations and high water pressure. Their consistent performance ensures uninterrupted water supply without failures or leaks.

Low maintenance and outstanding performance:

Thanks to their chemical resistance and smooth surface, PP-R plastic piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH require minimal maintenance. This reduces maintenance efforts and associated costs significantly, providing a cost-effective solution for long-term projects. PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH offer excellent performance under various temperatures and pressure conditions. They meet the demands of demanding applications, ensuring reliable and efficient water supply in different environments.

Chemical purity:

The PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH guarantee high water quality by minimizing harmful substance release and deposits. This ensures that water remains clean and hygienic, without leaving behind health-damaging residues.

Lightweight material: Easy transport, easy handling, easy installation of POLYMELT PP-R pipes

The lightweight nature of PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH facilitates transportation, handling, and installation. This enables quicker project completion and reduces overall costs for materials and labor.

Easy, fast and safe installation:

The straightforward installation process of PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH reduces installation time and associated costs significantly. Their specialized design and compatibility with various applications allow for quick and efficient laying of pipes and fittings.

Cost Savings:

Due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and easy installation, PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH enable long-term cost savings. These cost savings make them an economical solution for projects of any size and complexity.

Code Compliance:

The PP-R piping systems by POLYMELT GmbH comply with all applicable building standards and regulations, including international norms for drinking water applications. This simplifies the approval and inspection process, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

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