Experience in plastics and extrusion since 1947.

POLYMELT’s company history began as early as 1947 with the idea of revolutionising plastics processing and making it easier to use for technical applications. From this idea, and the constant striving for improvement, we have become the innovative company that is successful all over the world today. Our plastic pipes, fittings and customised solutions made of polypropylene (PP-R & PP-RCT) are now in use all over the world in residential construction, industrial plants, public facilities, cultural sites and commercial buildings. Our customers and partners swear our reliability and uncompromising quality.


Why is Poloplast Germany now called POLYMELT again?

The Polymelt brand has existed since 1968 and has since been synonymous with high-quality plastic pipe systems from southern Germany for customers and business partners. Due to a change of ownership and a merger in 2003, a new brand association was created under the Poloplast brand from Austria. In recent years, the company has operated under the name Poloplast GmbH. At the turn of the year 2021/2022, this brand association will be dissolved – we are not reinventing ourselves, but returning to the tried and tested – Poloplast GmbH will become Polymelt GmbH again from January 2022.

“We have changed the name,
everything else remains as you are used to:
Getting better every day.”

In 2022 we changed our company name from POLOPLAST Germany to POLYMELT. However, the company will retain its location in Ebenhofen, Germany and the proven production facilities will also remain as before. The best quality “Made in Germany”.

Our location

Location:  Germany/Bavaria
Total area:  6.200 sm
Production area:  3.200 sm
Storage area:  3.000 sm

Pipe & fitting manufacturing pipes/pipe extrusion

7 Extrusion lines (Krauss Maffei) for single-layer or multilayer (up to five layers) pipes from 20 to 250 mm. Maximum total output of approx. 30 tonnes/day.

Pipe & fitting manufacturing fittings/injection moulding

23 injection moulding machines. Clamping force 850 to 10,800 kN. The shot weight varies from 120 to 1,100 tonnes for almost all common thermoplastics. Maximum total output of 6 tonnes/day

Expertise & philosophy

  • Over 70 years of experience in polypropylene processing.
  • Continuous technology breakthroughs in product development.
  • Proven high quality standards.
  • Efficient optimisation of production processes.
  • Commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and sustainable materials.
  • Successful expansion in global markets with an established network.
  • Long-term customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Quality assurance

We monitor all production processes from start to finish with our continuous quality assurance.

This includes

  • Careful selection and inspection of raw materials
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the production processes
  • Regular checking of tolerances
  • Tests: Mechanical stress, pressure tests, temperature tests
  • Long-term tests- Monitoring of surface quality
  • Conformity to standards: Compliance with international standards and regulations
  • Implementation of traceability mechanisms

International certification and accreditations

  • Qualitymanagement-System ISO 9001:2008
  • DVGW
  • SKZ
  • KTW-Guideline Hygiene Institute
  • ÖVGW
  • WRAS
  • NSF

Our vision

We want to create sustainable solutions from plastic and get the best out of the material. In this way, we bring sustainable action, environmental protection and economic success into harmony.

Our mission

With the experience and innovative power of our employees and partners, we combine the knowledge from the different areas of plastics processing. We create unprecedented synergies in development, procurement, production and sales. This results in methods and processes for cultivating long-lasting, sustainable products.

Milestones in the history of POLYMELT


Foundation of the RAFELD Kunststofftechnik GmbH specialising in mould making for technical products made of plastic.


Foundation of the POLYMELT Rolf Hansen GmbH. Manufacture and sales of PP-R pipe systems under the POLYMUTAN brand.


Integration of POLYMELT into the Wietersdorfer Group.


RAFELD and POLYMELT merge to form POLYMELT Kunststofftechnik GmbH.


Purchase of 75 % of the shares of POLYMELT Kunststofftechnik from the Wietersdorfer Group.


Change of name to POLOPLAST GmbH.


Purchase of a further 19 % of POLOPLAST GmbH, Ebenhofen/Germany.


POLOPLAST GmbH 100 % owned by POLOPLAST GmbH & Co KG.


Introduction of highly flexible 5-layer pipe system featuring a new connection technology.


Introduction of the 5-layer pipe systems ECOSAN ML5 and POLYMUTAN ML5.


UV ML5: The 5-layered pipe features outstanding UV resistance, which is why it is mainly used in outdoor applications. 


UV. The UV building installation system consists of the well-tried 5-layered fibre pipe and new, matching fittings made from high-quality PP-R. 


KLIMA is a plastic pipe system specially designed and developed for air-conditioning applications. The extremely resistant and durable system is a big step into the future of HVAC installation.


Integration of the Poloplast Germany into the Sytech Group.


Poloplast Germany returns to its roots and is now POLYMELT again

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