The following standards and guidelines are relevant for the production, planning and operation of (potable) water installations in Germany. Our pipe systems are manufactured in accordance with these guidelines.

Planning of drinking water installation systems

EnEVGerman Energy Saving Regulation
DIN 1988Technical Regulations on Drinking Water Installations
DIN EN 806Technical Regulations on Drinking Water Installations
DIN 2000Guidelines on the Requirements on Drinking Water, Planning, Laying, Operation and
Maintenance of Supply Systems
DIN 4109Sound Protection in Structural Engineering
DIN 4102Fire Prevention
DVGW W 551Technical Measures for the Reduction of Legionella Growth in Drinking Water Installations
VDI 6023Hygiene-conscious planning, laying, operation and maintenance of drinking water plants
POLYMELTTechnical Manual
DVS 2207Welding of Thermoplastics
DVS 2208Machinery and Appliances for Welding Thermoplastics

System-specific standards

DIN EN ISO 15874Parts 1-7Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water installations – Polypropylene (PP)
Part 1General information
Part 2Pipes
Part 3Fittings
Part 5Fitness for purpose of the system
Part 7 / TSConformity Assessment
DIN 8077Polypropylene Pipe Systems, Dimensions
DIN 8078Polypropylene Pipe Systems
General Quality Requirements, Testing
DIN EN ISO 21003Parts 1-7Multilayer Composite Pipe Systems for Hot and Cold Water
Installations within Buildings


DVGW W 270Growth of Microorganisms on Materials used in Drinking Water Installations –
Tests and Assessment
KTWGuideline of the Federal Environmental Agency on the Assessment of Organic Materials
in Contact with Drinking Water

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