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Welcome to POLYMELT GmbH, your manufacturer of high-quality PP-R pipes. As specialists in the manufacture of polypropylene pipe systems, we offer you a wide range of PP-R pipes that meet the highest quality standards and are suitable for a wide variety of applications. With our in-depth expertise and many years of experience, we are your reliable partner for first-class pipe solutions.

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Your manufacturer and supplier for PP-R pipe systems.

  • Outstanding quality: At POLYMELT, we place great emphasis on quality and reliability. Our PP-R pipes are manufactured from high-quality polypropylene and produced under strict quality controls to ensure high durability and outstanding performance.
  • Comprehensive product range: We offer an extensive range of PP-R pipes for various applications, including drinking water pipes, heating and cooling system pipes, industrial pipe systems and specialized solutions for individual projects.
  • Perfect fit: Thanks to exact dimensions and sophisticated production, our PP-R pipes offer a perfect fit for every application. Whether in residential, commercial or industrial construction, our pipes and fittings can always be relied upon to ensure optimum performance.
  • Reliability and on-time delivery: We understand the importance of on-time delivery for your projects. With our commitment to reliability and punctuality, you can rely on POLYMELT to deliver your orders on time, every time.
  • Environmentally friendly: At POLYMELT we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. Our PP-R pipes are environmentally friendly and recyclable, contributing to a sustainable solution for your projects while minimizing environmental impact.

We produce and supply a wide range of PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and fittings.





  • Potable water pipes: We are a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality PP-R pipes for the safe and hygienic supply of potable water in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Heating and cooling system pipes: Efficient PP-R pipes for heating and cooling applications that ensure even heat distribution.
  • Industrial PP-R pipes: Robust pipe solutions for industrial applications that can withstand high temperatures and chemical loads.
  • Special pipes for various applications: Tailor-made PP-R pipes for special requirements in various industries and application areas.

We are your manufacturer and supplier of high-quality PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and pipe systems. Get in touch with us today!

If you need more information or would like a customized quote, our experts will be happy to help. Contact us today to find out more about our high-quality PP-R pipes and how we can help you with your projects.

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